Salina Ballarini granitium

MADE IN ITALY. PFOA FREE - NICKEL FREE - HEAVY METAL FREE - INDUCTION. The new collection of cooking instruments by Ballarini, is characterized by a series of high quality plus. First of all, the new Granitium Ti-X non-stick coating designed by Ballarini research laboratories, for ultra-intensive and titanium-reinforced use, is metal-tool proof. Body technology involves cold forging, a distinctive element that allows the use of aluminum alloys with a high purity index, so the body is structurally perfect and ideal for the application of the non-stick coating. Moreover, thanks to the high thickness of the aluminum, critical points of overheating of the bottom are prevented which could compromise the correct cooking of the food. A further advantage is the possibility of cooking on induction hobs. The collection is in fact equipped with a Radiant patent (Patent EP 2 901 900 B1) which allows almost total use of the electricity supplied and excellent performance in terms of stability of the fund. Finally, the steel handle has been specifically designed to delay heating and makes the tool also suitable for use in the oven. The high quality of the raw materials is expressed by the robust thickness of the aluminum and the possibility of using the tools even on induction hobs. The non-stick Granitium reinforced with mineral particles and the external color similar to the rock are plus appreciated by a particularly qualified public. The handle in polished steel is an aspect not negligible by a consumer demanding also from the aesthetic point of view.