The shop provides different payment methods, safe and certified:

1. Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard),
2. Bank wire transfer,
3. Payment in shop.

1. Credit Card

The credit cards accepted by the store are Visa and Mastercard. Reliable control systems of the security number of the credit card CVV2 allow you to thwart identity theft and make the process of payment entirely sure.
How to pay by credit card?
Once the order is confirmed, you will be redirected to a page that will summarize the total and allow you to enter information for payment. Click on "Pay with a credit card" and enter the information of the credit card.
When are goods shipped if I pay by credit card?
The goods will be shipped maximum 3 working days after payment confirmation of the order, while stock lasts.
How do I know the details to pay by credit card?
Using the method credit card, the process is automated and driven.

2. Bank wire transfer

It’s possible to make a bank transfer as payment method. Before you make the transfer, we recommend you to wait for the confirmation of the order. The shop will send the goods purchased as soon as the amount will be credited to the account. It may take up to 3 days before the bank is credited.

How to pay by bank transfer?
There are two ways to make a bank transfer, one free and one that often involves some additional costs:
you can pay by bank transfer at no cost using the home banking (online service) of your bank
you can pay by bank transfer but with additional cost by going directly to the bank
When are goods shipped if I pay by bank transfer?
The goods will be shipped maximum 3 working days once your payment verified, while stock lasts.
How do I know the details to make the transfer?
The details (Bank account header, Iban) will be indicated at the time of order confirmation.

3. Payment in shop

You may decide to pay and pick up in-store goods purchased online. Before you withdraw, you may want to check your order confirmation.

3D Secure fraud protection: What is it?

With the conventional name you define the 3D Secure fraud protection a system studied by the international Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode).
Activate the anti-fraud guarantees you an extra protection for your purchases on-line, allowing you to prevent fraudulent use of your card on the web and avoid unwanted charges on your account. Even if you do not make purchases on the Internet, registering a 3D Secure on the official website of your credit card, you'll still have a guarantee of security for your card, preventing your card number to be stolen in the real world, it might be used for payments on the web without your knowledge.
Some cards without such protection are unable to make purchases via our secure online payment module, activate it to access all services offered.