Since 1974 in the kitchen sector

Allegranzi starts His activity in 1974 as a wholesaler Silver (aimed primarily at promoting corporate gift). Always attentive to market developments, in 1979 he expanded his business by opening a large store in the area and kitchen specializing in the compilation of the wedding list.

By the side of women in all moments of their lives

In the following years, it consolidated its position in the industry, having on His side of the exclusivity of the best brands. In 1999, upon completion of the commodity sector, it opens a second store specializing in the textile sector and in the accompanying spouse, maintaining the exclusivity of brands representing worldwide.

A solid reality also online

In line with the new market needs children, Marta and Giovanni, opened in 2011 an ecommerce website specializing in online sales of products of the shop and wedding lists online. Always attentive to the development of world commerce, dynamic and innovative.