Memorabile set for wine lovers complete with 7 accessories Legnoart

MEMORABLE. Tasting set for wine lovers complete with Roero corkscrew, Champagne stopper, drip stopper, pourer and preservative with silicone stoppers. Memorable quality, set for wine lovers complete with 7 accessories. High quality and long lasting corkscrews and accessories. Once you use our set, you won't be able to do without it. FOR THOSE WHO LOVE WINE. Gift box. We have designed a BOOK pack to emphasize the food and wine culture behind the creation of our products. Surprise your loved ones with this high quality gift combined with this stunning and elegant gift box. The packaging will make the set a fabulous gift!

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VALUABLE MATERIALS. Corkscrew, The double lever. The double hinged fulcrum of the corkscrew allows a very clean extraction of the cork even for the longest corks. This system offers a significant mechanical advantage over old-fashioned single-hinged corkscrews. HIGHEST QUALITY STEEL Design. We have chosen the highest quality materials to give the accessories high reliability and robustness, combined with unparalleled elegance. Maximum ergonomics and elegance for true wine lovers. Made for you. The production and assembly of accessories are carried out with over 190 operations. Every single component is carefully analyzed before assembly. This makes our accessories unique compared to others on the market.

2 Items