Hurom H-300 series slow juicer

LIMIT SALE! The latest and revolutionary Hurom model arrives in Italy: the H-300 is even easier to assemble, use and clean than the Hurom H-200. The world of Hurom extractors goes a step further with all-in-one technology that allows you to introduce the ingredients all together without having to cut them into small pieces first. H-300 is the quickest to use and easiest to clean extractor.

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Why the H-300. Its new multiscrew combines the juicer auger and the functions of multiple filters in one simple combination. When the ingredients are too hard, the automatic inversion function is activated, which allows squeezing without interruptions.

Healthy, efficient and easy to clean. The innovative H-300 extraction system offers maximum benefits in terms of efficiency and health without altering the taste, colors and nutrients of the ingredients. Its new multiple auger that automatically integrates the filters, compresses and completely extracts the nutrients, minimizing the area in contact with the ingredients and generating a minimum amount of heat so as not to alter the properties of the fruit and vegetables. Plus, with only 3 pieces, pulp build-up between spaces is minimized to ensure quick, easy and thorough washing.

A unique design. Its simplified design allows for greater efficiency: the basin integrated into the machine body allows it to take up less space in the kitchen.

Additional information. Color: Gray, Black, Red. Capacity: 350ml jug. Voltage: 220V - 240V. Frequency: 50/60 Hz. Power consumption: 150 W. Speed: 70 revolutions per minute. Motor. Single-phase induction. Fusible: 250V 5A. Weight. 6.5 kg. Dimension: 229 x 221 x 462 mm. Continuous work time. About 30 minutes. Warranty. 10 years for the engine and 2 years for the components.

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