Moka induction Bialetti Dolce & Gabbana carretto siciliano

From the purity of white to the intensity of blue, the BIALETTI DOLCE&GABBANA medium Induction Moka, the brand's distinctive theme, leading to the discovery of the wonderful atmospheres of the South. A tribute to Italy, to the values ​​of Handmade and excellent craftsmanship, which has always been at the heart of Dolce&Gabbana's aesthetics. Two icons of Made in Italy meet to celebrate the beauty of the Italian coffee ritual. Thus was born the BIALETTI DOLCE&GABBANA medium Induction Moka, an innovative coffee maker suitable for use on induction hobs.

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Thanks to its bi-layer boiler technology, this product offers high performance: an external steel layer allows it to be used on induction hobs, while an internal aluminum layer guarantees uniform heat distribution. The Moka Induction is an authentic masterpiece of style and represents a perfect gift idea. It transforms the simple ritual of coffee into a celebration of Italian excellence, inviting us to taste the art and passion of Dolce&Gabbana through every cup. • Dimensions: 11.5 x 17.5 x 14 cm • Capacity: 190 ML - 6.4 OZ, corresponding to 4 cups of brewed coffee • Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 x 12.5 cm • Capacity: 90 ML - 3 OZ, corresponding to 2 cups of brewed coffee. Made in Italy. Bi-layer boiler material with double layer (3.5mm thick) for perfect heat distribution: aluminum inside, steel outside. Handle and knob in soft touch painted PA66 plastic material. Easy-clean safety valve. Compatible with electric, gas and induction hobs. Every single BIALETTI DOLCE&GABBANA Moka Express is characterized by distinctive features linked to the variability of the position of the decorative motifs on the collector.Wash after each use with warm water without using detergents and/or abrasive materials. Not dishwasher safe.

4 Items

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